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Welcome to Littleton Lodge #131, A.F.& A.M.  Website.

Littleton Lodge #131, A.F.& A.M.
Corner of US 250 & Penn. Ave., Hundred, WV 26575

In the autumn of 1904, sixteen brothers bound together by the mystic ties of Freemasonry, applied to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of West Virginia for a dispensation empowering them to meet as a Lodge, confer degrees, and prove themselves worthy of becoming one of the chartered Lodges in the state. The petition was duly granted and a U.D. Lodge was set to work by Bro. N.H. Debendarfer D.D. G. M., November 10, 1904. P.G.M. George Hatch then instructed the Lodge until it became proficient in the work of all degrees.

The first officers were: Bro. W.H. Lemley, W.M.
Bro. Frank W. Daugherty, S.W.
Bro. James Finlayson, J.W.
Bro. Reason Bissett, Treasurer
Bro. Stephen A. Carney, Secretary
Bro. Thomas H. Chaney, S.D.
Bro. Hamilton Bogard, J.D.
and Brothers Frank H. Ashcraft, Thomas Dunnington, Amus Jolliffe, Clarence F. Jolliffe, Owen Slider, Phalen Anderson, Fred O. Funk, and John D. Bradley.

The Lodge worked U.D. until the meeting of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of West Virginia in 1905 in Charleston, WV., when a charter was applied for and granted November 16, 1905. On December 12, 1905, the ceremony of instituting Littleton Lodge #131 was conducted by Most Worshipful L.H. Clark, Grand Master of Masons in WV. The Lodge prospered after receiving its charter and in a period of five years had a membership of 52 Master Masons.

Communications of the Lodge were first held in the Connelly Building and continued there until February, 1907. The Lodge then moved to quarters designed for it in the Bank of Littleton Building where they remained for five years. Then they moved to the Exchange Bank Building where they remained for 50 years.

Having received a Special Dispensation to move its charter, property and meeting place to the third floor of the Bank of Hundred Building in Hundred, WV., the Lodge held its first communication in these new quarters on Tuesday, February 13, 1962. It now has one of the most beautiful halls to be found in the state.

The Golden Anniversary of the Lodge was observed November 15, 1955, at which time Most Worshipful Grand Master Claude W. Rinehart and several Grand Lodge Officers were present. This event will long be remembered by all who attended this communication.

The Centennial Anniversary of the Lodge was observed on December 10, 2005 at which time Most Worshipful Grand Master Frank J. Haas, Past Grand Master Stephen G. Swank and several Grand Lodge officers along with over 30 brethren assembled for the grand occasion.